Data required for Portfolio Slicer

Portfolio Slicer requires this data:

  • Information about your investments - Excel tables: "Config" ,"Currency" ,"Account" ,"Allocation" ,"Symbol" ,"Symbol sector" ,"Symbol alias" . There will be some effort required to enter this information at the start, but after that it will change infrequently.
  • Investment transactions - Excel table "Transactions". At the start there will be substantial effort required to enter information about your past investment transactions. You will also have to maintain this table by adding ongoing transactions (like buys/dividends, etc). Most likely after initial setup you will be adding data to this table once per month (or so), depending on how close you want to track your investments. There are no import tools/scripts to add transactions to this table, so it will have to be done manually and this could be time consuming. You could choose not to track dividends and cash - that could substantially reduce number of transactions, but your results would not be as accurate.

  • Investment prices, exchange rates, dividend payments - external files "Dates.csv" ,"CurrencyConv.csv" ,"Quotes.csv" ,"Dividends.csv". These files have data that needs to be updated daily - that is why they are outside of Portfolio Slicer workbook. Portfolio Slicer comes with PowerShell script that will build table "Dates.csv". It is your responsibility to create other 3 files.
    Update: Please note that Portfolio Slicer user MaximT posted scripts that can create these files for you. These scripts are now available here or here.
    Portfolio slicer comes with PowerShell scripts that will check all files to make sure they have correct format.
  • The same folder that contains csv files should also have file "schema.ini". This file is used by Excel while loading data into Power Pivot data model. Content of this file tells Excel format of data that is stored in external data files.