Welcome to Portfolio Slicer - Excel workbook for investment tracking & performance measurement

Portfolio Slicer is a FREE for personal use Excel workbook that lets you track your Stock, ETFs and Mutual Fund investments your way. We believe that Portfolio Slicer is the most powerful free investment tracking application in the world! It comes with 40+ prebuild reports and if you know Excel, you can create your own reports from already predefined calculations or add your own calculations into data model or Excel. Portfolio Slicer was built using Power Pivot technology (also called xVelocity) that was first introduced by Microsoft in Excel 2010 as add-in. From Excel 2013 PowerPivot become fully integrated into Microsoft Excel.

Portfolio Slicer main features are:

  • Portfolio Slicer instantly calculates your investment Cost Basis, also called Adjusted Cost Base (ACB). Portfolio Slicers lets you track Cost Basis in up to 3 different currencies and exchange rate for that will be looked up automatically or you can choose to override it.
  • Portfolio Slicer lets you see your investments performance over time – you can see monthly data for up to last 10 years and daily data for the last 30 days. Your investments historical and current prices are looked up from our cloud database.
  • Portfolio Slicer lets you see your investment performance in up to 3 different reporting currencies and lets you see how exchange rate fluctuations impact your results. Currency exchange rates are looked up from our cloud database.
  • Portfolio Slicer lets you compare how your investments performed over time in comparison to the market indexes.
  • Portfolio Slicer comes with 40+ prebuild reports and if you know Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts, you can add as many more reports as you need.
  • When you use Portfolio Slicer, your financial data stays safe on your computer – from cloud database you will receive just generic investment information with prices, dividend payments and currency exchange rates.
  • Portfolio Slicer is FREE for personal use!

Portfolio Slicer is usually used in one of the following setups:

  • Complete investment and cash tracking. If you choose to use Portfolio Slicer for complete investment and cash tracking, you will have to enter every single transaction from your investment broker/bank statement – deposits, buy, sell, dividend payments, etc. This is time consuming, but will give you complete picture of all your investments and cash that is ready for investments.
  • Investment tracking without cash and approximate dividends. This would be the fastest way to start using Portfolio Slicer – user would have to enter just buy/sell/split transactions and distribution transactions that affects cost basis. This information is minimum that investors must track so they can later calculate capital gains or losses for taxes. Reports generated by Portfolio Slicer would give you equity investment values (no cash) over time and approximate dividend payment information.
  • Hypothetical portfolio analysis.  Some users use Portfolio Slicer to test their investment strategies. In such cases they record buy transactions and analyze how their hypothetical investment would have performed overtime comparing to broad indexes or other hypothetical portfolios.

 Next steps

  • Check limited online demo. In this demo you cannot interact (change filters/slicers), but you can see available reports and you can get idea on how powerful Portfolio Slicer is.
  • Follow step by step guide on how to start using Portfolio Slicer with your own data.

2015-Aug-01: Please note that if you are using Portfolio Slicer with Excel 2010, then you should not upgrade to OS to Windows 10...

Portfolio Slicer News

  • New Portfolio Slicer version 1.0.2 released
    Published by Portfolio Slicer - 2015 April 24

    New version 1.0.2 of Portfolio Slicer released. This is major release with numerous enhancements and bug fixes. All clients should consider updating to this release ASAP.

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