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Portfolio Slicer is a free (for personal use) Excel workbook that lets you track your investments (stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds) your way. It is designed for advanced Excel users who want to use the freedom and power of Excel for their investment performance measurement. Portfolio Slicer is much more than Excel template - it is actually Excel + Power Pivot application.

If you are serious investor, you know how important is to save history of all your transactions for tax filing and performance analysis. Many investors use Excel to save all their trading transaction information. Portfolio Slicer uses such information from Excel and lets you build very advanced reports that shows how your investments were doing at any point in time. Hardest part in setting up Portfolio Slicer is to enter your transactions. But if you will do that, you will be rewarded with very nice looking analytic reports.

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Portfolio Slicer News

  • New Portfolio Slicer version 0.8.2 released
    Published by Portfolio Slicer - 2014 April 21

    Apr 21, 2014 - New version 0.8.2 of Portfolio Slicer released. This is minor release that includes following changes:
    - Added support for Accrued interest. When buying bonds you now can in Trans table specify Accrued Interest that will be treated as prepaid dividend
    - There are few small fixes on bugs reported by users

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  • New Portfolio Slicer version 0.8.0 released
    Published by Portfolio Slicer - 2013 December 01

    Biggest change for this release is introduction of Portfolio Slicer cloud database server. Until this release users had to setup PowerShell scripts to download quotes and exchange rates from different websites. This release removes need for any of these scripts. In this release Portfolio Slicer contains just one Excel workbook that connects to our "cloud" database and provides necessary data for your investment portfolio analysis.

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