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Portfolio Slicer v3.0.0 (Beta)

2021-Feb-17: Portfolio Sliver v3.0.0 (beta) is available for download. This is a beta release that is recommended to more advance users who are willing to test this release and provide the feedback.

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Download Excel Workbook (latest stable release)

User version of workbook comes with no data (just few sample records). Use this workbook to enter your investment data. Demo version of workbook comes with demo data - to be used while learning about Portfolio Slicer.

2016-May-03: List of Known Issues


Download Portfolio Slicer for PowerBI


Download Scripts to extract and manage external data

Originally Portfolio Slicer did not come with scripts to create or download external data files (Quotes, Exchange Rates and Dividend payments). But soon after v2.0 version was released, user MaximT created and shared his scripts that were fully integrated into existing Portfolio Slicer data management scripts. Here you can download original Portfolio Slicer External Data Management Scripts and also download scripts created by MaximT. Most users will want to download just first file as it includes all scripts to download and to manage external data files.


Older versions of Portfolio Slicer