2021-02-17 Portfolio Slicer version 3.0.0 (beta) released

This is a beta release for new Portfolio Slicer version. Please download and test it if you are able to provide feedback.



2018-05-11 Portfolio Slicer version 2.4.05 released

This version adds following changes:

  • Added many more conditional formatting and data validation rules that would help enter correct data
  • All fixes to bugs reported by users up to date are included in this release
  • Allocation table accepts decimal percentage values (before was just whole numbers).
  • Allocation table has additional column Index - that allows you to specify symbol that will be used as base when comparing performance.
  • Added ability to compare your returns to one symbol return. For example, you can compare your portfolio return to VT (Total market) performance.



2016-04-30 Portfolio Slicer version 2.3.0 Released

This is minor release that fixes following issues reported by users:

  • Measure “Sales Cost Basis” in some conditions returns incorrect results
  • Measure “Sales Amnt” currently does not account for fee. It is also calculated for SymbolTransferOut transaction type.
  • Measure “Dividends %” might not be calculated properly in certain conditions.
  • Sales report was simplified.



2016-04-21 Portfolio Slicer version 2.2.0 Released

This release contains following fixes/changes:

  • In previous release Portfolio Slicer Excel Workbook and Power BI data model was expecting external data files to contain comma separated values. In some countries (like Netherlands) comma is used as decimal separator for numbers and default decimal separator “.” is ignored because it is treated as thousand separator. To address this issue Portfolio Slicer from release 2.2 expect all external data files have date separated by tab character (char(9)). Portfolio Slicer external data scripts now have additional configuration parameters “ColumnSeparator” with default value “Tab” and parameter “DecimalSeparator” with default value as “.”. For countries where computer regional settings are set to use comma as decimal separator, parameter “DecimalSeparator” value should be set to “,”.
  • Portfolio Slicer has known limitation when calculating cost basis. This limitation was removed for case when account currency and reporting currency are the same. In all other cases this limitation stays as is.
    Note: If previously you used workaround with new calculated columns, then before copying data in old Transactions table you should remove all data from column “CostBasisOverride”
  • Portfolio Slicer has known limitation for supporting maximum of 3 currencies. Just in Portfolio Slicer for Power BI model number of supported currencies was increased up to 5.
  • More reports were added to Portfolio Slicer for Power BI model file.
If you are new Portfolio Slicer user, or migrating your data from version v1.x then you should use this new version.
Who should upgrade: If you do not have any issues with v2.1 (cost basis limitation or decimal separator), then you do not have to upgrade to version 2.2, but it is always a good idea to use latest version of software.



2016-04-11 Portfolio Slicer for Power BI released

Portfolio Slicer for Power BI (abbreviation: PSfPBI) is alternative interface to see your investment reports outside of Excel. PSfPBI uses exactly the same source data as Portfolio Slicer, but all data is loaded not into Excels PowerPivot data model, but into alternative Power BI data model (both models use same engine). Read more “What is Portfolio Slicer for Power BI and how to use it”.



2016-03-31 Portfolio Slicer version 2.1.0 Released

This release improves data refresh performance, fixes few small bugs that were reported by user and cleans up/consolidates measures. List of issues addressed:

  • Data refresh speeds were measurably improved.
  • Replaced measures “Report[Annlzd RoR Symbol]” and “Report[Annlzd Ror Accnt]” with one measure “Report[Annlzd RoR]”
  • Removed measures “Report[Price Orig Curr]“, “Report[WHT to Div Ratio]“, “Report[Cap Gain Orig Curr]“, “Report[FIrst Trade Date]“, “Report[Last Trade Date]“, “Report[Max Quote Date]“, “Report[Cost Basis Max]“, “Report[Equity Value Max]“, “Report[Quote Count]“. These measures were not used in standard reports, but slightly increased refresh times.
  • Measure “Report[Dividend %]” is now calculated against “Total Value” (was against “Equity value”).
  • Measure “Report[Cap Gain %] now is calculated against “Total Value” (was against “Equity Value”). Also removed measures “Cap Gain % (TW)” and now “Cap Gain %” uses Time Weighted (TW) logic.
  • Measures “Report[Profit % Symb]“, “Report[Profit % (TW) Symb]“, “Report[Profit % Accnt]“, “Report[Profit % (TW) Accnt]” and “Report[Profit % (TW)]” were consolidated into single measure “Report[Profit %]”
  • Fixed Generated Dividends cash amount calculation - previously conversion of cash amount was done for the time of reporting, changed that to be at the time of dividend payment.
  • New Excel 2016 version available - this version is slightly faster on Excel 2016 and uses new DAX fuctions PRODUCTX and XIRR.



2016-03-18 Portfolio Slicer version 2.0.0 Released

This release removes Portfolio Slicer dependency on cloud data. From this point Portfolio Slicer becomes Excel workbook that uses data from within workbook and also some data from external files from your PC. Portfolio Slicer does not provide data for these external data files. These files can be created by multiple data services (if you have subscription) or there are already free scripts published by Portfolio Slicer users that will get data from websites in the format that is required by Portfolio Slicer.

This release also includes few minor fixes in data model calculations.

Existing Portfolio Slicer users should migrate to new version - instructions available here.



















2015-04-24 Portfolio Slicer v1.0.2 Released

Detail release information removed…


2014-10-26 - New Portfolio Slicer version 0.9.0 released

Detail release information removed…


2014-04-21 - New Portfolio Slicer version 0.8.2 released

Detail release information removed…


2014-03-14 - New Portfolio Slicer version 0.8.1 released

Detail release information removed…


2013-12-01 - New Portfolio Slicer version 0.8.0 released

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2013-06-06 - New Portfolio Slicer version 0.7.5 released

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