Account Table

This table contains a list of account for your investments. Normally each record will represent separate investment account at your investment institution. It is important that you specify values in the columns Account, Currency and Active. All other columns you can leave empty until you need ability to filter reports by some account grouping.

Columns in Account table are:

  • Account - Short name of account. Usually uniquely identify bank/brokerage institution account. Please use short names, recommended no longer than 10 char. When you have many account (5+) long names will not fit into allocated space, so reports will not look nice. Examples:
    V-TD-R-CAD (means: Vidas-Toronto Dominion Bank-RRSP-Canadian $)
    V-SC-T-USD (means: Vidas-Scotia iTrade-TFSA-US $)
    J-RO-C-CAD (means: Joint-Royal Bank-Cash-Canadian $)
    These account names will be then used in Transactions table and you will be able to filter most of the Portfolio Slicer reports by Account or some of Account grouping attribute. It is expected that you will have no more than 12 Accounts. Larger number of accounts might require that you adjust Pivot Tables so they do not overlap.
  • Portfolio - Name of Portfolio used for account grouping. Can be used to quickly filter accounts. Use short names. Examples:
    Option 1: Vi (means Vidas), Di (means Diana)
    Option 2: TD (means Toronto Dominion bank), SC (means Scotial iTrade brokerage)
  • Tax - Account taxing. Used to quickly group accounts. Examples: Cash (Cash account), RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan), TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account), 401k, RothIRA. Note: does not impact any calculations and can be used just for grouping.
  • Currency - Account Currency. Value here should match one of the values in “Report Currency” table, otherwise value will have red background. This is very important field that specifies currency of account.
  • Active - Value Yes/No that specifies if account is active. Account is inactive if it does not hold any stocks/cash in it and you do not want to see account info in your account summary report. One of the Dashboard reports is filtered to show just active accounts.
  • Account Group 1 - custom grouping field, not used in any pre-built reports.
  • Account Group 2 - custom grouping field, not used in any pre-built reports.
  • Account Group 3 - custom grouping field, not used in any pre-built reports.
  • Calc WHT - Values Yes/No. If value is Yes, then for generated dividends Portfolio Slicer will calculate Withholding Tax that will be deducted from generated dividend transaction
  • DRIP - Values Yes/No. Not used in current release - reserved for future.