Data sources for Dividends

Note - this page describes the behavior of the PowerShell scripts that were created by Maxim specifically for Portfolio Slicer. We adding documentation about Maxim's script behavior after realizing that they are used by the majority of Portfolio Slicer users.

General information

For full investment tracking, Portfolio Slicer needs information about received dividends/distributions. For more flexibility we would recommend that you manually enter dividend payments into transactions table, but if you want to include just approximate dividend impact, then you can use existing scripts to extract dividend information. Please note that dividend tracking might not work properly if you do trades very close to dividend payment date, because extracted dividend data will have just one date - dividend payment date (and not “Record date”,“Payment date” and “Ex-dividend date”).

Dividend data Source - Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance provides dividend payment information for many symbols from all over the world. To check if Yahoo Finance has dividend payment for your symbol, first make sure that it has data about your symbol quotes and then in the “Historical Data” tab from the “Show” drop down list choose “Dividends Only”, click on the “Apply” button and confirm that dividend payment data exists and “DownloadData” link appears on the top right just above data table:

If you see dividend data, then you can use Yahoo Finance as data source for your dividends.

Dividend data Source - Stooq

At this point Stooq does not provide data for dividend payments.

Dividend data Source - AlphaVantage

At this point Stooq does not provide data for dividend payments.