How to contribute

If you can write scripts - please consider contributing and sharing your scripts with other Portfolio Slicer users.


Because of the security and privacy concerns we will post here only scripts that can be easily reviewed by other users. That is, on this website we will not post scripts that are compiled into .exe files as there is no easy way for us to check their behavior. Currently all scripts are written using PowerShell language. We prefer this language as this is already installed on all Windows OS machines. So our preference is to continue adding more scripts using PowerShell scripting. But we will consider adding scripts that were written in other popular scripting languages - Python, PHP, etc.

What we are looking for

Portfolio Slicer needs following financial data:

  • Daily quotes for different symbols in different countries.
  • Daily currency exchange rates between different currencies
  • Dividend payment information for different symbols in different countries
If you can help writing scripts that extracts above listed financial data, please consider doing so. If you know good FREE data source for above listed financial data - please post info about such data source in the forums.