PowerShell script to check external data files

PowerShell script "CheckPSFiles.ps1" will check external data files for any potential issues. This script will read configuration file psConfig.txt between tags <PSDataFolder> and </PSDataFolder> to see if you specified external data file locations. If that values is not specified, it will assume default location as "..\PSData\" in relation to location of this script. Then this script will look for 4 files in that folder and will report any data formatting issues, missing headers, missing required minimum data rows, etc. If this script will find any issues, it will create file error.txt in the same folder where external data files are located. This file will contain details on all tests done and issues found.

This script will also check PortfolioSlicer.com website if there are any updates to your Portfolio Slicer version. If such update is found, it will display message during this script execution.