PowerShell script to append generated quotes to Quotes.csv file

PowerShell script "AppendGeneratedQuotes.ps1" will create monthly quotes with static price for your specified symbols and append them to file "Quotes.csv". More information about requirements for Quotes.csv file can be found in "Quotes.csv file documentation". This script is included in "Portfolio Slicer external data management script set" available at download page.

This script will read configuration file psConfig.txt and will look for rows between tags "<GeneratedQuotes>" and "</GeneratedQuotes>" (tags should be on separate rows). If you have any data between these tags, they should have format: "Symbol,MinDate,MaxDate,Price" where MinDate and MaxDate values are optional. If MinDate is not specified, then script will use MinDate parameter value from the same psConfig.txt file. If MaxDate is not specified, then it is assumed that it is todays date. Here is example of 2 symbols configured with static price:


Please note that every time you execute this script it will append records to existing file. It is expected that you will re-create Quotes.csv file every time and append generated quotes to this file. If your Quotes.csv file is not re-created with every load, then you should use different script to add generated quotes, as this script will introduce duplicate records into your Quotes.csv file.