How to setup Portfolio Slicer

  1. Download latest version of Portfolio Slicer zip file for "User Version" section. Do right mouse click on the .zip file and then choose menu "Properties". In "General" tab at the bottom you might see text "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer." and then check box for "Unblock". If that is the case, then please click on "Unblock" check box.
    You can unblock either this zip file or later you can unblock Excel file that is inside of the zip file. If you will choose not to unblock file, then you might get warning messages every time you open this Excel workbook.
    Note: Portfolio Slicer does not have any macros inside workbook and you do not need to enable macros to run Portfolio Slicer.

  2. Unzip downloaded file and copy Excel workbook to any location of your choice. We recommend that you store this workbook in any folder on your OneDrive enabled storage. As an example, in "OneDrive" we created folder "PortfolioSlicer" and place our excel workbook there.
  3. Download latest version of "External Data Download and Management Script Set" (first script). Do right mouse click on this .zip file and then choose menu "Properties". Again in "General" tab at the bottom you might see option to "Unblock" this file. Please unblock file to avoid warning messages later. By unblocking .zip file you will make sure that you do not need to unblock each file after extraction from this zip file.
  4. Unzip all files from previous zip file into same location as your Excel file (actually Excel file and script files can be in separate folders - there are no dependencies, but for simplicity we placed all file into the same folder. After this your folder files should look like this:
  5. And inside your Scripts folder should look like this:

  6. It is recommended that you add location where Portfolio Slicer Excel workbook is stored to "Excel Trusted Locations". For that start Excel, choose menu option "File" then "Options". From "Excel Options" window choose page "Trust Center" and then click on "Trust Center Settings..." button.
    In there click on "Trusted Locations" page and click "Add new Location..." button and enter location where Excel workbook is stored.
    You will get less Excel warning messages when Excel file is in "Trusted location" folder.
  7. Create folder "C:\PorfolioSlicer\PSData\"
  8. Enable PowerShell script execution on your machine (if you have not done so yet).
  9. Your Portfolio Slicer is now setup and ready for usage.

Video instructions - How to install Portfolio Slicer