Portfolio Slicer version 3.0.0 beta is available for download

2021-02-17: Portfolio Slicer version 3.0.0 (beta) is now available for download here... .

Release notes

  • Portfolio Slicer v3.x works just with Excel 2016+ version. Excel version 2010 and 2013 are not supported!
  • Portfolio Slicer v3.0 does not support generated dividends!
  • In Portfolio Slicer v3.0 table "Transactions" column AccruedInterest column is still there, but not used anymore in any calculations.
  • In v2.x Portfolio Slicer workbook contained source tables and all reports. In v3.x this PS Excel workbook was split and now all source tables are located in PortfolioSlicer-Source.xlsx workbook. All reports are now located in PortfolioSlicer3.0-Reports.xlsx. Such split now allows you to have multiple report workbooks. This release comes with additional workbook PortfolioSlicer3.0-Reports-Light.xlsx that contains smaller subset of reports and calculations and this "light" workbook will refresh much faster. Also such setup allows to release reporting updates much easier - you simply download fixed reporting workbook and refresh it and this will update reports with your data.
  • Symbol can be assigned to more that one allocation. On the Symbol table we kept column "Allocation" and this value is used by default. If Symbol should be assigned to more than one allocation, then you should specify that in the new table SymbolAllocation. If Symbol is specified in that SymbolAllocation table, then the value of Allocation column in the Symbol table is ignored.
  • Many DAX formulas were re-written to take advantage of new DAX functions
  • All reports where slight changed/tweeked
  • Previous source transaction table required special "System" transaction that was used to establish column data types. This is not more required in version 3.x
  • External scripts now include additional PowerShell scripts that reads PortfolioSlicer-Source.xlsx workbook and extracts data into c:\PortfolioSlicer\PSData folder.
  • psConfig.txt parameter file now has new section "ExcelSourceFile" that specifies full path to PortfolioSlicer-Source.xlsx file
  • PS Report workbook and PowerBI file still expects that all source data extracted files are located in c:\PortfolioSlicer\PSData folder. Your Excel (source and report) files can be placed anywhere, but scripts will read your PS source excel workbook (based on value in psConfig.txt file ExcelSourceFile section) and create extracts into c:\PortfolioSlicer\PSData folder.

Migrating from older version to Portfolio Slicer v3.0.x

  • Backup ALL files from old version and store them in the safe location. You might need to restore this backup in case new Portfolio Slicer version does not behave as epxected.
  • Download new version of Portfolio Slicer from here... and extract zip file to any folder on your computer.
  • Copy data from old workbook tables to new PortfolioSlicer-Source.xlsx tables: Config, ReportCurrency, Account, Allocation, Symbol, SymbolSector, SymbolAlias, Transactions - all existing records in the new workbook tables should be replaced with your records. While copying pay attention to column names as some columns could have changed! You can leave table SymbolAlocation empty for now. Review table "Compare To" and replace C4 cell value with the symbol that is in your symbol list.
  • In the new Source workbook go to srcReview tab, select any cell in the table on that page and do right mouse click and then choose menu "Refresh". This table will update and will show you the latest quantity of each symbol in each account. This review table is included for quick checkup of your transactions data.
  • Save and close PortfolioSlicer-Source.xlsx workbook.
  • Edit file Scripts\psConfig.txt: you either can use old psConfig.txt file and add sections "ExcelSourceFile" (copy from new file) or copy each section data from old psConfig.txt file to new psConfig.txt file. Make sure that PSDataFolder section is setup to output all files to c:\PortfolioSlicer\PSData folder, as that is where new Excel workbooks and PowerBI files will be looking for source data files.
  • Run external data management script UpdatePSDataFromExcel.bat. If you see any error messages first confirm that in psConfig.txt you have ExcelSourceFile section with your PortfolioSlicer source data file full path specified. If you still getting an error message about "connection error", then you will need to install Access drivers from Microsoft website here... .
  • Run external data file management script UpdatePSData.bat. Make sure that you do not see any error messages during the run and that in PSData folder there is no Error.txt file.
  • Open Excel workbook PortfolioSlicer3.0-Reports-Light.xlsx and refresh data. This is "light" workbook with just a few reports, but refresh time should be fast.
  • Open Excel workbook PortfolioSlicer3.0-Reports.xlsx and refresh data. This workbook contains all reports and all calculations and it will take more time to refresh.
  • If you are using PowerBI, open PortfolioSlicerV3.0.pbix file with PowerBI Desktop and refresh reports.
  • Please let a feedback in PortfolioSlicer forums - please report any issues you encounter or let us know that new version works OK.